Primary and independent backup
Video display at common and reverse finish lines
Video display to report wind
Cross Country Leader board when <5 runners.
Video display for cross country team scores
Operation of stadium video display with ResultTV
Display field or running event results
Cross Country: Primary Timing System ... FinishLynx/IdentiLynx
Cross Country: FinishLynx integrated with IPICO UHF chip timing
IPICO dual frequency chip timing

Red Cap Timing uses a multi-computer setup to operate FinishLynx and IdentiLynx cameras. Cross Country events and Road Races are timed primarily with the IPICO chip timing system. For these events, FinishLynx, IdentiLynx, and video are used in a verification or backup role (depending on the requirements of Meet/Race Management). Red Cap Timing is an HyTek Sports Software Independent Timing Contractor.