Why Red Cap?

What do we provide?

The equipment and know-how to time and score track and field meets or other running events with (1) minimal delays, (2) accurate results reporting, and (3) flexibility in forming heats or races. Running events should be contested at the pace to keep fans interested and athletes motivated, and where participants are confident that results are being developed accurately, fairly, and quickly.

Why are we different?

Road races, track and field, and cross country are data intensive sports. Many events are delayed because the timers cannot respond quickly to changes in entries or because event photo results are not evaluated quickly before the next heat or event can begin or before medals can be awarded.

We have developed an approach to use the considerable strengths and flexibility of FinshLynx, IPICO chip timing, Hytek Meet Manager, and RunScore to:

  1. Provide accurate results quickly.
  2. Run events with a goal of no more that 60 seconds between races or heats.
  3. Provide flexibility to clerks of the course to combine or pack heats effortlessly without creating delays.

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