Event Management

An efficient track and field event requires many key individuals and teams including:

  • Starters
  • Announcer
  • Clerk, start line, and finish line crews
  • Timing and results crew

To run an efficient meet you need to provide:

  • An announcer that will call check ins and event results
  • Clerking crew that will set heats as presented in heat sheets.
  • Finish line crew that will record competitor numbers or hip numbers (depending on meet format)
  • Judges for each field event that will record results on provided scoring sheets and will break ties as needed.
  • One volunteer to assist with Hy-Tek Meet Manager operation.
  • All entries provided in a format that will import into Hy-Tek Meet Manager. Entries provided 48 hours before start of meet.
  • Direction on meet format.
  • Bib numbers and hip numbers (depending on format).
  • Backup hand timing.

To run and efficient road race or cross country meet, management need to provide:

  • A generator (6000W and 30A) or electricity at the finish line
  • Two tables and four chairs.
  • Bib numbers.
  • Clerks that will distribute timing chips and instruct runners on chip attachment to shoes.
  • Finish line crew to retrieve and organize timing chips.
  • Entries in a format that will import into RunScore or, if needed, HyTek Meet Manager.
  • Dispute or problem resolution process
  • Direction on meet or race format
  • Backup hand timing (if you desire).

Note to Runners and Event Directors: Some of the equipment used by Red Cap Timing emits RF, or radio frequency (radio signals). There is no magnetic field produced by our timing systems. The radio signal emitted by our mat timing system is similar to a cellular phone in strength and type. If any runner has or wears a device that is affected by RF, the runner should check with the manufacturer of their device to make sure it is not sensitive to RF signals. If a runner is concerned about RF and the effect on their device, the runner should keep their device several feet away from our timing system or not be timed with our systems.