Field Series Entry

Once logged in, click on "Events" to enter field series.

The Field Series Entry app puts field event results into a format that imports into HyTek Meet Manager.

The App automatically uploads UNOFFICIAL results to the Live Field Results Website.

The App cannot be used to:

  • Analyze entered results in any way. Judging and scoring is done only by Field Event Judges and after results are uploaded into HyTek Meet Manager.
  • Track or check in athletes.
  • Send results to a stadium scoreboard or video display.
  • Accept data directly from a wind gauge or laser measurement device.
  • HyTek Meet Manager and the FieldLynx plugin for HyTek Meet Manager.
  • For Results Entry: A modern browser like Safari, FireFox or Chrome with JavaScript enabled.
  • A wireless or wired Internet connection.

Login to enter field results

Ask the Timer about login credentials.

Select Event

Click on the Events tab in the Navigation Bar.

Select the Event Flight to add results

Enter each mark in English (e.g., 39-9.25 or 125-11) or Metric (e.g., 5.65 or 14.60). Other accepted marks include: X, F, P, -, ND, DNS

Video describing App operation


Inital seeding is completed in HyTek Meet Manager.

Field Event judges can begin entering results without any further setup.

Create Final

If desired, a final can be setup by clicking "Create Final" in the Navigation Bar. This is usefull for finals conducted on the same day as prelim competition.

Enter the bib number of each athlete and hit Return or Click on the Save button. Athete positions can be changed with drag and drop (see below).

For each athlete only attempts 4 through 6 will be visible.

When the Final is saved the entered results will be merged into the Round 1 files.

Requirement: Round 1 (prelims) results must be entered and saved before the Final is created.

Limitation: Not available for Pole Vault, High Jump and all combined field events.


If seeding or athlete changes are need you can:

  • Change bib number (After "Return" or "Save" the name and affiliation will change)
  • Add athletes by bib number
  • Delete athletes by clicking Delete checkbox then "Return" or "Save"
  • Rearrange athletes within the flight using drag and drop. Hover over line to change (it will be yellow) then left click and hold down, drag athelte to correct location and release. Changes will be saved after "Return" or "Save"

Save Results

After each entry hit "Return" or "Save" to save all results.

If tab is used to move the cursor to the next field, marks are not saved until "Return" or "Save" is clicked.

After results are saved the cursor is moved the top of the page.


The App uploads lynx.evt and fldlynx.sch files (needed for LFF file creation), creates empty LFF files ready for data entry, can be used to enter results into LFF files (including height progression, wind, etc.), and download files for upload into HyTek.


The App in compatible with any device with a modern browser. If the App is not run locally, an Internet connection is required.

Browsers that have been tested: Recent versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge. Not compatible with Internet Explorer 9 or earlier.

Results validation

  • Horizontal jumps and throws: English or Metric marks only. Other accepted marks: P, -, F, X, ND, or DNS.
  • Vertical Jumps: English or Metric units in progression only. Other accepted marks: X, O, P, -, NH, or DNS.
  • Wind Measurements: Metric units only (M/sec). Two to 4 digits accepted. e.g., -0.9, .4, 3.2, etc. Plus sign "+" should not be entered.


The App uses HTML5 localStorage to save all typing in the local browser. This feature provides the ability to store form input values even if the "Save" button hasn't been clicked before a browser session is ended. This means that the results stored in localStorage is still there even after a user has closed the browser, deleted their cookies, lost Internet connection, or turned off their laptop or device.

To retrive unsaved results: After establishing an Internet connection, restart the browser. Go back to the flight with the unsaved information. The unsaved information should still be in the form input boxes. Click the "Save" button. Once the results are saved online, all localStorage for that form is removed.